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Brew-Clean - 10 lb.

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Brew-Clean - 10 lb.

Brew-Clean - 10 lb.

BREW-CLEAN is a non-caustic, alkaline cleaner, designed for use in all CIP/COP cleaning operations found in the brewery and brewing environment. BREW-CLEAN is formulated with sodium silicate, low/controlled foam surfactants, buffering compounds, water conditioning agents and a synergistic oxidizing agent.


PBW (Five Star Chemical)
Bru-R-Ez, Cell-R-Master (Birko)

Brewing Vessels – Brew kettles, Mash tun, Hot liquor tank, Lauter tun, Chillers.
Fermenters & Uni-tanks
Stainless kegs
Returnable bottles


Non-caustic – Safe on soft metals, enhanced personal safety
Low-foaming – Ideal for CIP
Chlorinated – Removes stains. Removes “bluing” from stainless and protein deposits.
Economical – full strength powder
Concentrated blend of surfactants – effectively penetrates soils and deposits
Effective in hard water conditions – free rinsing, leaves no residue

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